Who we want

Who we want

A company aiming for the global market with future-oriented talents!

Become part of our journey of making dreams come true, leading the future, exploring infinite possibilities with us.

EBS Square is looking for talents. Apply now.

Those who are consistently challenging to innovate with a flexible mindset
Those who strive to create new values and pioneer for the future
Those who can help the organization grow while developing themselves, not afraid of challenges

Diligence: Those who are persistently trying to develop themselves honing their skills to improve
Creative Mind and Passion: Those who hone their competitive edge with new ideas, passionate in their work
Ethics and Cooperation: Those who know the beauty of sharing knowledge, respect others with sound ethics and responsibility
Confidence and Global Mind: Those who are not afraid of overcoming obstacles to achieve goals, with the international level of capabilities and senses
Adventurous Leadership: Those who have strong sense of accomplishment, prioritize teamwork, persistent and are good at keeping the competitive edge